Bill Flanagan Memorial Scholarship

For csea local 880 members & dependents

The Bill Flanagan Memorial Scholarship program (named after former President Bill Flanagan who is also the creator of the program) is open to members or children of members who are in or beginning undergraduate studies. Last year, 31 college bound students received a total of $40,000 in scholarship award money, and to date, $411,000 in scholarships have been awarded to Local 880 members or their family.

The majority of our Bill Flanagan Scholarship Fund is raised through our annual Bill Flanagan Golf Classic at Lido Golf Course. Whether it is coming to play a round of golf or purchasing a tee sign sponsorship, all of the money goes toward the scholarship fund. If you submitted a scholarship application and it was not selected — do not be discouraged, just reapply next year. If you are a winning candidate, remember that any eligible applicant can win a scholarship twice in non-consecutive years during undergraduate study.



Irving Flaumenbaum Memorial Scholarship Program

In addition to Local 880’s own scholarship program, below you will find the application for the Statewide CSEA Irving Flaumenbaum Memorial Scholarship Program. Submission instructions attached.