The Presidents Message

Theresa A. Kohutka

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outpouring of support I have received from many of you in these first few months as your new President. I look forward to bringing our union in a new direction with fresh ideas in a way that will demand respect for our workforce. I have a talented and resourceful staff, but we can’t do it without you behind us. If you have ideas or input that can help benefit our cause they are greatly welcomed. Stop in and visit us anytime.

While the summer is coming upon us, I’d like to talk about this past winter. Myself and my team were in the yards during snow operations to ensure that members were receiving breaks. While things went well this time around, we would be naive to not recognize that the light snowfall this season made that possible. Rest assured I WILL continue to push for a better snow break policy that has both efficiency and worker safety in mind. I will NOT rest until YOU can.

Out of title work has been a tremendous issue here in the Town. As we are at our lowest staffing levels in many years, the problem is getting worse and we can not let this continue. While this will not be an easy or quick fix, I am committed to moving us in a direction where you are correctly compensated for the job you are assigned. It is only with your full support that this will be possible. Myself and my team will be looking at all available options to help achieve this.

These are just a few of the many issues we are working on here in the Local 880 office. I understand that each department has its own set of issues, and individual members may have issues unique to themselves. We can’t help if we’re not aware they exist. Feel free to contact us anytime and give us the opportunity to help you. You have my word that all calls are confidential until you give us the word to act on your behalf. If there is an avenue to help you, it WILL be pursued!

Mark your calendar for Sunday July 14th for our annual fishing trip. If you haven’t joined us before this is a fun filled day where members from every department come together for a day out on the water with all bait, tackle, food and “refreshments” included for only $25! Hope to see you there!