Union Plus Mortgage Program


Buying a home

The Union Plus® Mortgage program, with financing available through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, can help you purchase a home while also receiving special benefits by virtue of your union membership.

For qualifying members, exclusive benefits include a $300 My Mortgage GiftSM award1from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and, from Union Plus, special hardship assistance and the opportunity to earn a $500 First-Time Home Award.

New! $1,000 Mortgage Veterans Grant program for union members who’ve served in the U.S. armed forces.

How the “Welcome to Your First-Home Award” works:

If you’re an active or retired union member and used Union Plus Mortgage to purchase your first home, we’d like to hear from you. Share your story by completing an application and providing us a short, written description of your experience with the Union Plus Mortgage process and what owning your first home means to you. As a token of appreciation for your story, we’ll send you a check for $500*.

Refinancing a home

Looking to refinance? The Union Plus Mortgage program, with financing from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, might be able to help you lower your monthly mortgage payments and/or shorten your loan term.
The program provides a broad range of financing options to help meet the needs of most borrowers — and when you refinance, you’ll receive an exclusive $500 My Mortgage GiftSMaward from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage after closing.1 You’ll also be eligible for special hardship assistance from Union Plus.

Who is Eligable

Mortgage loans are available in the United States only and currently not available in Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands.
  • ONLY current/retired union members are eligible for the Welcome to Your First Home Award
  • ONLY current/retired union members, their spouses, parents and children are eligible for the Union Plus mortgage assistance program

Phone: 516-535-1617
Cell: 516-672-1441
NMLSR ID 420511

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