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CSEA WORK Institute

The CSEA’s WORK Institute offers one-stop shopping for members seeking help with navigating the Civil Service system and test preparation services. By logging onto their website right from CSEA’s main page at you’ll find everything you need:

  • Exams offered both in state and local government
  • Study Guides that might be helpful for those exams
  • Members can download the test preparation booklets for free from the website, or purchase bound copies at a┬ádiscounted rate of $5.50 per booklet.
  • You can also sign up for an online test preparation workshop available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer. Members pay only $9.99 for one month of access, which is half the price that non-members pay.
  • The WORK Institute will also deliver live test preparation workshops on a special request basis for units/locals that have space available and can guarantee a minimum of 20 members. The cost for live workshops is $15.75 per member. Live workshops are also offered on a regional basis for the larger NYS exams that many of our members are taking.

For test preparation booklets CLICK HERE.

(You will need your CSEA ID# to login. If you do not know your CSEA ID#, CLICK HERE)